Are your precious digital files scattered across multiple cloud storage services, media sharing sites, social networks, for later Apps and devices such as phones, computers and tablets? Have you tagged media content on the Internet but do not have the time to go back and find it let alone enjoy consuming it? Do you feel trapped inside the ever increasing number of digital walled gardens on the Internet that control your access to web content?

Splycer is the first media tool that allows you to become the curator of your own unique digital lifestyle. It provides one-point access to the most popular cloud storage, streaming music, social networks and tagging services as well as to many popular consumer devices including smart phones, tablets, computers and network storage devices. Our system remembers your login credentials for each service and device so that you are always connected to your stuff from your Android TV (we are also currently working on a version for Apple TV). Without having to move any of your media you can splice photos, music, videos and other files together in innovative ways on your TV screen using our wide selection of media display tools, slide show styles and after effects.




Quickly access your playlists, new releases, top charts and more from Spotify, Rdio and SoundCloud



Easily display your photos, albums and curated galleries on Flickr and Google Photos



Retrieve your channels, categories and playlists from Vimeo and You Tube



Grab all your stuff from Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive



Catch on demand TV shows and original content from You Tube & Vimeo



Snag photos and videos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



Lean back with our extensive collection of relaxing animated scenes & high definition video



Get your hands on all the media stored on your network drive, smart phones and tablets



We are working on integrating with many more cloud, streaming, sharing and social services


Home Use: Imagine you are having a dinner party for your friends next weekend. During the week you prepare for the party by collecting ingredients for what to cook. On the night of the party you will prepare a wonderful personally cooked meal but in the background during the party you will probably play un-curated songs from a music channel on your TV or if you are lucky you will stream a playlist through your speakers. Using the Splycer® App installed on your living room TV you now can browse online and in your personal media collection for digital ingredients (e.g. new music, interesting videos, photos & other media) to use in the multimedia rich show you will be playing on the TV screen at the dinner party so that you set just the right ambience for your special party. Splycer® allows you to entertain your friends and family at home in totally new ways or you can spend hours of fun on your own mixing up media curations.

Professional Setting: Besides giving you one-point access to all the places online where you keep your work files,Splycer® allows you to mix streams of media content together in multiple windows on your TV screen. Now you can create memorable presentations that combine HD video, graphics, charts, photos audio streams and much more. These visual stories that transform audiences can be created in real time on the fly and can incorporate content stored on clouds, social networks, streaming services, sharing sites or even just tagged online. There are many different applications including video walls, retail marketing, product demonstrations and museum displays.You can also use Splycer® to enable colleagues to collaborate remotely with you for presentations and for other team work projects.